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Elevate Workshop – Part 1


NOTE! The Elevate Part 1 Workshop is included in our Annual Elevate Bundle so head back to The Classroom to see all that is included within that including our amazing bonuses!

Join Jacqui Lewis for Elevate Part 1, with a recorded online workshop, to create your ultimate 2019. Jacqui’s inspiring and enthusiastic delivery, combined with practical tools and your workbook will result in you transforming your 2019 with clarity, creativity and consciousness. This is the base board you need to document and workshop your next 12 months, starting from anytime in the year!

You’ll have access to the recorded video, the worksheets and the Chat Session in PDF Form from the Workshop. If last year felt like it flew by, and you are exhausted or uninspired you, likely didn’t love the year. We will transform your thinking, structure and beliefs through practical exercises and tools to provide the architecture for you to live your highest grade year yet.

‘The Elevate workshop was invaluable to me, I got so much out of it. We worked through really relevant concepts and actionable processes that left me with a framework to use when making decisions about all aspects of my life. The course was really convenient to do remotely and was just the right amount of content, not too overwhelming. Jacqui is so engaging and genuine which makes it all the more enjoyable. I’d definitely be interested in doing another follow up workshop in the future and regularly!’ Nikki

“Elevate Your Year is a subtle way to kick your ass into gear. It’s less intimidating and more inspiring, providing you with tools to fine tune what the soul wants. The community experience of everyone sharing their own ‘to do’ and ‘to be’ lists was something else. Thanks Jac xx” Leah

“As someone who doesn’t really make any New Year resolutions, I was really happy to learn a new way to map out the year coming for 2019. By splitting it in “quarters “ and literally drawing it Out on paper, it made things that I want to achieve, simplify or completely change really easy and attainable! And no pressure.. if I didn’t fully achieve what I wanted in one quarter, I can shift to another one and start from there. It’s a conscious exercise that Jacqui so beautifully explained and demonstrated, I can not wait to get cracking in the New Year to come!” Angel

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What you'll learn?

  • Clarity Tools; so you can get really clear on who you are, and what your year is going to look like with you at the centre of it

  • Enhanced Creativity; does a year of flow, inspiration and joy sound like something you want? Jac will be sharing magnificent and simple tools and techniques we know are fail safe for you to live a more abundant year

  • Expanded Consciousness; if you are dedicated to increasing your gratitude and compassion in a no B.S way, we have this covered too.

  • Precision and Planning; you be in the present moment if you don’t plan!! So we are going to work through your customisable The Broad Place Planner with practical ways in which to manage your year, with quarterly themes covering your spiritual, physical, emotional, and time orientated needs. This Planner will shift the way you navigate your entire year

  • Your Customisable Workbook; to help you plan and map out what you want, need and desire! An ongoing resource and tool for you also.

  • Decades of Wisdom and Knowledge; shared by Jac to inspire, uplift and set you up for success

How it works?

Things you need

All you need is a laptop or iPad with headphones, your note book and your worksheets printed out.

What students are saying?

Who's it for?

This Workshop is filled with all the techniques and tools Jac and Arran use to create their years, with ongoing success, abundance and creativity. Elevate Part 1 is the platform for the whole year, so it makes sense to begin here. However we recommend going with our Elevate Bundle and joining us for a full years access of 4 workshops, the ability to join live, with recorded monthly Q+A sessions with ongoing access.

DATES: Access Anytime

Elevate Part 1 has already taken place, and has been recorded so you may watch and engage with it as often as you like! We recorded the live chat also that took place between all students which is incredibly helpful when looking at your own outcomes and musings.

Elevate Workshop – Part 1

Live with more Creativity, Clarity and Consciousness

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