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Learn Live Integrated Meditation from anywhere in the world

Join Jacqui Lewis live online and learnt the art of transcendence in meditation and build your daily meditation practice for life, 15-20 mins twice daily with ongoing support and knowledge. 

Our mission is to help people make a progressive ongoing change for the better in their lives through a short, simple, daily meditation practice. We believe in meditation that actually works, gets results and that people can fit into their modern lives. With the correct training, any person, with any kind of lifestyle can practice Integrated Meditation with success to become less stressed, anxious and fatigued and more engaged, dynamic and resilient.

In the current crisis with Coronavirus we are now teaching this beneficial technique online live. This will replace our in person courses for the time being until we can all find our place in the new world that is being built as we speak! This way we can safely teach people, and benefit as many as we can. 


Learn Live Integrated Meditation from anywhere in the world

Live with more Creativity, Clarity and Consciousness

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