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The Broad Place High Vibrational Living 14 Day Challenge – JAN 2020


This is a BUMPER High Vibe Challenge to launch us not just into Jan 2020 but the entire decade! A time to completely reset mind and body and create a new platform to be our highest selves and learn deeply with a large community of high vibes around the world. I have found that even once we make the commitment to serve our higher selves, our energy brightens, our clarity increases and our consciousness expands. It’s like our hearts and souls sing for what they wanted all along, and the universe conspires to help us!


This Challenge includes:

Multiple instructional videos and modules from Jac Lewis including ‘What To Commit to on the Challenge’ (including things like twice daily meditation, a micro retreat, and gratitude exercises) and ‘What To Pause’ (things we won’t be doing on the Challenge, like gossip and drinking alcohol)

Contributing videos with knowledge, tools and tips from Vashti Whitfield, Emmalea Russo, Kate Pascoe Squires, Jason Grant, Rachel Crethar and Amy Crawford

A huge Manual over 25 pages in length, documenting the foundations of the Challenge, key notes and how to Customise Your Challenge

How To Create Your Micro Retreat, from a few hours to an entire day just to yourself

Daily Worksheets to print out and fill out for guidance, accountability and deeper learning

Two Guided Meditations and an Initial Journaling Exercise on Setting Intentions

 Access if you wish, to our Private High Vibe Challenge Facebook Group

You will receive a HUGE 30% discount to learn Integrated Meditation in person with either Jac, Emily or Jo around the world redeemable within the next 24 months, which is a saving of $360AUD when purchased in full in any date in January 2020 

– You will receive a 30% discount to engage with Enhance, our signature online meditation and education journey to expand your creativity, clarity and consciousness, which is a savings of $105AUD when purchased in full in any date in January 2020



After your enrol, we recommend approaching the Full High Vibrational Challenge Program like this;

1. Request to join the Private High Vibration Facebook page – we will then manually accept you into this group once we have confirmed you are registered for this program. This is not compulsory so no pressure to join.

2. Read the Challenge Manual here first, so you’re clear on what is going on. Your Quick Referene Sheet t is within this.

3. Print off the Daily Worksheets enough for each day.

4. Watch ALL the video tutorials, and make notes as you go

5. Begin the Initial Journaling piece to get your clarity flowing on what you are creating for yourself

6. Add any things from the Customisable Menu that you want to  build into your Challenge

7. Keep up a conversation with us on Faceboook!


“I’ve learnt to be kinder (it’s free) & I’ve definitely been more assertive (in a good way) these past 14 days. Thank you”
– Lisa

“I just loved the awareness of what the challenge brought to me. It got me outside in the freezing cold walking my dog, made me realize how coffee is just a habit and that at this point it doesn’t do anything for me and I started mediating 2x a day even if I’m still not trained.”
– Scarlet

“A great idea that helps put things in perspective.”
– Karen

“I really enjoyed it, it was challenging and confronting but I was expecting that =)”
– Kress

“I loved the challenge & I feel like I’m learning more about myself and my crutches. I feel moving forward I am better equipped with the questions I need to ask myself about my choices.”
– Kirsty

“For my first challenge (of any real kind!) I really enjoyed realigning what I want my life to look like, and how I would like to spend my time. The introduction back to meditation was critical, but I found the pauses especially technology to be hugely beneficial. Thank you so much for your time in putting this together, although I haven’t met you, you are a big part of my morning routine when I read your email & try & align myself for the day.”
– Chanelle

“I am a type-A-strategist-Virgo rising-New Yorker, so I am always thinking about new ways to go deeper and get out of my own way. Thank you so much for this really beautiful experience! I am grateful to have been a part of it.”
– Sara

“The concept is awesome – the world needs more programs like this.”
– Lisa

“Thank you so much for this challenge. It came at the right time and was a perfect mix of challenging and doable.”
– Sebastian

“Thank you so much for all the videos and support materials. I found the journaling of the daily worksheet particularly helpful and might take it on in my routine.”
– Estelle

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to do this challenge with such a wonderful online community. Almost three years ago I learnt to meditate with The Broad Place and I am still so grateful for the skills and tools I have been gifted. I can’t wait to learn more with you. Thank you xxx”
– Hayley

“I got SO much out of this challenge, I have realised how having a set end point kept me so accountable. Things have slipped a little since finishing the challenge, so maybe even a closing worksheet where we list the things we have found that we want to continue with past the challenge.. and then a check in worksheet two weeks later to see how we have gone.”
– Kathryn



reset mind, body and spirit

really want to start the year with a dedicated meditation practice

need an overhaul of patterns, behaviours and beliefs

want to understand yourself on a deeper level to make ongoing change to support yourself

desire a community of authentic and open people to connect with from around the world

want a healthy mind and body and to be held accountable

to discover more about raising your personal vibration, be happier and more joyful

education and wisdom to help you on your path for ongoing transformation and shifts



$69 AUD incl GST

If you have any questions on the above, feel free to email us at info@thebroadplace.com.au

The Broad Place High Vibrational Living 14 Day Challenge – JAN 2020

Live with more Creativity, Clarity and Consciousness

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