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The Broad Place High Vibrational Living 14 Day Challenge

We know that once we make the commitment to serve our higher selves, our energy brightens, our clarity increases and our consciousness expands. It’s like our hearts and souls sing for what they wanted all along, and the universe conspires to help us! This what this High Vibrational Challenge is all about; allowing ourselves to expand, connect to our hearts and serve our higher selves on every level.

We first hosted this Challenge in August of this year and the response was phenomenal, and the effects long-lasting. So many of you have asked to join the community of High Vibers for a second round, and the lead up to Christmas seems like the perfect time. A huge reset before we launch into a crazy season.

This Challenge will be very much about Simplicity and Embodiment. We will be undertaking as a collective a few things we will COMMIT to and a few things we will all PAUSE. Then there will be a menu of things you will choose individually, to customise the process for what’s right for you. To help you choose, we will be guiding you through a sequence of philosophy and education to help you tap into your innate inner intelligence – so that you can get the most out of this Challenge.

The Challenge is an educational book which acts like a manual, journal prompts and daily worksheets as well as access to a community on a private facebook page – should you wish to join it, it’s not compulsory nor will not joining it affect your Challenge.



  • If you’re feeling flat and a little uninspired – YES

  • If you want to reset your meditation practice and commit to twice a day meditations and understand what makes accountable and the inner workings of why you can’t fit it in – YES

  • If you wish to learn more deeply about the philosophy behind energetics and vibrations and how to raise yours – YES

  • If you know full well what doesn’t work for you, yet you’re finding the discipline to pause unhealthy behaviours, and want a community to work through it with – YES

  • You have some self-limiting beliefs that you know aren’t serving you and you want to unpack them – YES

  • You want to feel at your optimal and are dedicated to getting there – YES

  • You want a step by step guide with Worksheets to optimise your vibration – YES

  • You want a community on Facebook to connect with to keep you on track and optimised – YES

  • Then you’re a HELL YES!



For those that want to make the investment in the HIGH VIBRATION 14 DAY PROGRAM, you will receive;

  • 8 Detailed and Inspiring Chapters on Energy, Vibration and Consciousness, Meditation, Eating and Drinking, Moving Your Body, Gratitude As A Path To The Heart, Getting Better Sleep, Giving Your Brain A Break, and Joyriding 
  • Inspiring information and education around high vibrational living and you creating your path
  • Multiple worksheets 
  • A Daily Schedule for clarity and simplicity
  • Tools and Techniques to support you
  • Accountability strategies to help you reach your goals
  • Access to a Private Facebook Page to connect with our community of High Vibers; a whole Community surrounding you and daily support
  • A quick reference Cheat Sheet
  • A 30% discount to learn Integrated Meditation in person with either Jac, Emily or Jo around the world redeemable within the next 24 months, which is a saving of $360AUD when purchased in full in November
  • A 30% discount to engage with Enhance, our signature online meditation and education journey to expand your creativity, clarity and consciousness, which is a savings of $105AUD

Now it should be noted, that if we felt SO brilliant why don’t we just do everything listed all the time then? Because we are human. We find most of our students do their twice-daily meditations, juggle in and out of drinking coffee, and then not drinking coffee. Enjoying a few wines, and then not drinking at all. Jump about with exercise and then really dedicating themselves instead to Netflix binging At The Broad Place, we don’t believe you should strive to be superhuman all the time. But at times, we all recognise we need a boost. And The Broad Place High Vibrational Challenge Program will be just that!

This will provide you with Tools, Knowledge and also an experience so you are more empowered to make the choices in your life that will help you be at your personal optimum.

Live with more Creativity, Clarity and Consciousness.



You will be able to access all the content within The Classroom and download all the material which will be available to you for the entirety of the Challenge, so don’t panic if you lose something! The first thing to do is to take a read through all the material and begin your Preparation Process, which will be a big part of the Challenge. We will send you a Facebook link so you can also request to join the group, and then away we go!



$35.00 AUD 

If you have any questions on the above, feel free to email us at info@thebroadplace.com.au

The Broad Place High Vibrational Living 14 Day Challenge

Live with more Creativity, Clarity and Consciousness

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