A School for Creativity, Consciousness & Clarity


  • ENHANCE Creativity, Clarity and Consciousness

    16 Lessons $345.00

    This is your GO-TO program if you’ve been itching to meditate with purpose, see results and specifically enhance your creativity, clarity and consciousness through modern tools and techniques. Whether you already meditate (this is your booster pack), or are brand new to meditation, we have you covered. If you’re just bored with meditation, this is…
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  • The Be Your Best Self Program

    9 Lessons $45.00

    A carefully curated program for you to begin the process of releasing yourself from being a prisoner of your thoughts and learn how to become a pioneer of your future. The Broad Place Be Your Best Self Program is designed to help you practically begin the journey of restoring your emotional balance and harmony by getting your mind…
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  • 7 Day Mind Cleanse

    3 Lessons $22.00

    The 7 Day Mind Cleanse is a revolutionary e-book that will shift and change the way in which you live, for the better. It will increase your happiness and joy, make you feel more grounded, and in control in day to day life. It has been designed to boost your happy hormones. The 7 Day…
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  • Rounding Tuition

    3 Lessons $45.00

    Rounding draws on ancient Vedic knowledge of mind, body and spirit alignment to take the body into deep states of rest and renewal. A complete 60-minute sequence for Integrated, Vedic or mantra-based transcending meditators, this advanced practice takes your meditation to the next level. We will guide you through the special sequence step by step,…
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  • At Home Weekend Retreat

    2 Lessons $29.00

    It’s not a frequent enough occurrence that we have the time to take ourselves away from the world, to revive and nourish and shed off the stresses of modern-day living. We are so fortunate at The Broad Place to play a part in the role of people renewing themselves, in that we spend time taking…
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  • Elevate Workshop - Part 1

    9 Lessons $149.00

    NOTE! The Elevate Part 1 Workshop is included in our Annual Elevate Bundle so head back to The Classroom to see all that is included within that including our amazing bonuses! Join Jacqui Lewis for Elevate Part 1, with a recorded online workshop, to create your ultimate 2019. Jacqui’s inspiring and enthusiastic delivery, combined with…
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  • Elevate Membership - Annual Bundle

    22 Lessons $596.00

    This transformational twelve month course will equip you with the tools, education, inspiration and accountability you need to make this year incredible.