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Letter from Jac – How constant change is changing you…and what it might present

We must abandon the idea that stability exists. Change is the only thing that is constantly happening. It’s the only thing that ever existed, we simply engaged in denial of it. We can no longer. We might not have the choices we had even 2 years back, right in this moment, but we certainly have the choice of adaptation. 

Human life has always been precarious. We must acknowledge this and move through a simplification process, a distilling to get to the detail of what we truly value, and what we do not, in our lives. Our actions can then reflect these distilled values. What we appreciate, truly appreciate and not think we ’should’ appreciate, can be aligned to from this space. We can conjure joy and simplicity and attention, but not if that attention is frizzed by the overuse of technology, screens, the news, and all the other things in our life that doesn’t add to but takes away from our sense of self, and peace. So edit ruthlessly.

With love,

Jac x

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