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Mind, Heart and Soul Bootcamp



The Broad Place is hosting a LIVE ONLINE interactive Mind, Heart and Soul Bootcamp for 6 weeks. This will involve a weekly interactive workshop with Jacqui, infusing beautiful wisdom, philosophy and knowledge paired with practical tools and exercises to help you expand into your higher self and connect the overactive mind to heart and soul.

The commitment from you is attending the 90 minute live interactive workshops and at a minimum 30 minutes of practice and integration of the teachings each week. There will be a lot more to engage with if you wish to, however, you can also pace this out over 6 months if you need to as the Bootcamp will be available to you for a full 6 months after we begin. 

We have an Early Committers Rate available, and 5 Full Scholarships and we will be donating 5% of all proceeds to Two Good Co to fight against domestic violence against women in Australia. 

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The world has never felt stranger, more confusing and divided than it does now. We have been plunged into a pandemic with no end in sight, we face political upheaval in so many countries and climate change means we are facing a grim future and it is wreaking havoc globally as we speak. We are either at work, working from home, or out of work. Homeschooling (which I prefer to call ‘schooling in isolation’ as a homeschooling program is a VERY different program indeed), still continues and our kids face uncertain futures.

All is not lost though. We are not lost to this situation, and we can ripen ourselves emotionally and spiritually, get incredibly clear on who we are, what direction we are facing, and how we can become increasingly resilient, creative, and aligned. We can feel strong in the face of an unknown future, with the right tools and education. We can get ultra clear on how we want to hold ourselves in the face of challenges with the right discipline and accountability. We can build community and support around ourselves, upskill, think laterally and make commitments in the face of all of these moments. 

The answer to how is this; The Broad Place is hosting a LIVE ONLINE 6 week intensive program called Mind, Soul, Heart Bootcamp. One of our students Sophie said to us, I want a Bikini Body Program for my mind and soul, something I can work on steadily so I can get out of this mess a better person than I was going into it. We loved it. And we want to help you reignite the fire in your belly. If you’ve lost steam and motivation, we will help you source the inspiration and discipline within you, when you can’t travel the world freely, explore things and learn, go with ease to work, and interact and engage with your community in person. 



The endless consumption of self-help books and podcasts is meant to be inspiring but can become utterly overwhelming. We’re going to replace all the noise with ACTUAL tools and exercises for you to make progressive changes in your life and your work and relationships. There will be:

  • A program that is accessible, pragmatic, clear, distilled and practical
  • A weekly intention and theme that you will have applications for so it’s not just a set of words as well as Journaling prompts
  • A weekly LIVE ONLINE deep immersion workshop with me, Jacqui, Tuesday’s 7pm-8.30pm AEST for 6 weeks where we will cover
    • WEEK ONE – Regroup and Reset aka putting you back together
    • WEEK TWO – Rebalance, Self Care and Soul Care – a daily guide to you feeling more empowered and aligned. We will work on what your personal markers are. We will define your ground zero. We will equip you with your soul hurricane lamp to lighten up your darker days. 
    • WEEK THREE – Understanding who you truly are, and how to be more embodied, and then how to move forward in life with more grace. When feeling lost, how to  re-evaluate. You are more than your work but do you know what that looks like! We’ll show you.
    • WEEK FOUR – Dealing with ongoing stress, tension and overwhelm and how to thrive regardless
    • WEEK FIVE – Working out what next? How to make educated decisions on an emotional, spiritual, physical and financial level at every turn
    • WEEK SIX – Taking all that you learnt on the road
  • Access to recordings of the live online workshops so you can resit for 6 months time at no extra cost
  • Your Personal Toolkit; a set a clear Tools you can come back to at anytime
  • We will work on Three Speeds; Deep Relaxation, Deep Creation and, Deep Hustle and you will have a custom Spotify playlist for each, as well as a Guided Meditation for each to get you right into the zone! 
  • Weekly Affirmations and Permission Slips
  • Weekly course material and journaling prompts



At the completion of the Bootcamp you can expect to feel exhilarated, motivated, disciplined and likely, because you would have had to have a good honest look at yourself, a little humbled. You will have worked through lots of tools, exercises, and practices, and you will have a detailed idea of what you need to be aligned to your higher self. You will have been accountable, and a part of a community of like minded people. You will be reminded that your struggle is not a lone struggle. That there are others just like you, and who want to support you. It’s likely you’ll connect with some amazing people who you will continue to have in your life after the Bootcamp. And more importantly, you’ll have a customised Toolkit just for yourself ongoing, and access to the Bootcamp material for 6 months so you can continue to re-sit and relearn and engage on even deeper levels.


Jac’s depth of knowledge never ceases to amaze me. Her commitment as a student is incredibly inspiring and what makes her such an authentic teacher. I love the way she effortlessly (and with great humour!) takes ancient teachings and makes them relevant and approachable for modern life. My learning experience was nothing short of brilliant and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to dive deeper into spiritual teachings and more importantly, weave them into your daily life. – KATE

As a long time student of The Broad Place I have been luckily enough to participate in many of Jacqui’s programs – both online and in person. There is so much magic in these gatherings. One of the reasons I love The Broad Place programs is that there is no dogma. All parts are welcomed & explored with compassion & humour, and there is no better way to do this than with a group of like minded people, led by Jacqui. Her appetite for learning and curiosity & commitment to growth is incredibly inspiring. If you are considering learning with The Broad Place don’t hesitate! I’ve experienced significant personal & professional growth through every one of their wonderful programs. Highly recommended! – CLAIRE



The Program will begin September 1st with access to an initial recorded Bootcamp introduction, access to the course material and Guided Meditations. 

Then from Tuesday 7th for 6 evenings we will meet together for the immersive workshop. So that will be:

Tues 7th September 7-8:30pm

Tues 14th September 7-8:30pm

Tues 21st September 7-8:30pm

Tues 28th September 7-8:30pm

Tues 5th October 7-8:30pm

Tues 12th October 7-8:30pm

In between each session you will have homework and meditation practices to engage with. You can dive much deeper into each week with our playlists, recommended listening and reading lists and extensive practices, or you can dive into these later. Outside of the 90 minute live workshop you will be looking at about 30-60 minutes a week in practice and application, so a minimum of 2 hours a week or more depending on your time available. Don’t forget, you have access to this course for 6 months, so you can resit any component at any time within the next half a year.



This Bootcamp is ripe with accountability, and we mean, you must participate in order to be able to continue it. We want you to make the commitment that is needed, and we are going to hold you to it! There is a level of flexibility within the 6 Week Bootcamp, but you will need to stay focussed and stay with us to get through this. We have done SO many online programs ourselves. We drop off pretty quickly, hoping to ‘continue later’. Well not this time, we will be together week to week, getting through this, becoming more creative and empowered as a team. In the same way I will show up for you, you will show up for you too

In practical terms that means you must attend at a minimum 4 out of 6 LIVE ONLINE Workshops on Tuesday evenings (AEST), and if you know now you can’t, sadly this isn’t going to be the program for you. Yes, we are going to be like personal trainers, holding you throughout this process! Transformation comes from commitment. 

Please note enrollments will wrap 12pm AEST Monday 6th September. So if you’re not enrolled by then, you will have to wait until we potentially host a future bootcamp to attend. 


We are offering a special Covid Rate from $899 to $599 for this 6 Week Program.

We also offer this in other currencies, please email us at info@thebroadplace.com.au for more details.

This is a one off single payment, so that once you are enrolled you are committed on every level. No backing out. Your mind, heart, and soul deserve this level of commitment. 




We are offering 5% of all proceeds to our Two Good Co in the fight against domestic violence to women in Australia.

We are also offering 5 FULL Scholarships (NOW CLOSED, All Scholarships have now been rewarded) to people in need. All submissions must be submitted by Wed 25th August and we will contact the Scholarship winners the following day. Please apply to info@thebroadplace.com.au with your full name, your city, and why you feel you are in need of this course.

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