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The Broad Place have been featured in many high profile titles, and we have collaborated with some great brands and events. A selection of these are listed below.

To Be Magnetic with Lacy Phillips

Expanded Podcast 

Melissa Brown of More Money For Shoes

Uncensored Money Podcast 


“Vedic Meditation was designed to bring harmony, unity, and wellbeing to every-day people—busy people. After all, it is the most plugged-in and overburdened among us that require such tools.”

The Huffington Post – January, 2016

“The average adult has 90,000 thoughts every single day, with each one generating a response of some kind in the body. If you combine that with our coffee-chugging, scrolling-frenzied daily grind, it’s no wonder we humans are lacking the chill-factor.”

Peppermint Magazine – 2017

“Jacqui Lewis and Arran Russell want people to think differently about meditation. After years of fast paced living, they set up Sydney based Vedic Meditation school. The Broad Place, giving students from all walks of life the tool and Ancient Knowledge for High Grade Living in a modern world.”

VOGUE – JUNE, 2014

“It’s a natural instinct in all of us to seek stillness, somewhere, somehow”


“Only a few decades ago, meditation used to be a weird word conjuring images of vegan hippies, Indian gurus and The Beatles. Now meditation is considered to be one of the key tools in leadership, management and productivity”.

DAVID JONES – February, 2016

Jacqui Lewis was invited to join a  group o f influential women in celebration of International Women’s day for David Jone’s Women in Conversation event. Watch a wonderful series of recorded talks about current issues and affairs relevant for women below.

The Collective Hub – July 2017

“The Broad Place’s clients range from businessmen on their lunch breaks to creatives and visiting celebrities. “I’m
at times criticised for our incredibly enthusiastic approach to digital, but social media has been pivotal to growing our community,” says Jacqui…”

Sydney Morning Herald – February, 2015

“Lewis says 20 minutes of Vedic Meditation is the rest equivalent of two hours sleep; a boon for productivity and a balm for a stressed nervous system”.