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  • Mind, Heart and Soul Bootcamp

    17 Lessons in

    The Broad Place is hosting a LIVE ONLINE interactive Mind, Heart and Soul Bootcamp for 6 weeks. This will involve a weekly interactive workshop with Jacqui, infusing beautiful wisdom, philosophy and knowledge paired with practical tools and exercises to help you expand into your higher self and connect the overactive mind to heart and soul.

  • Learn Live Integrated Meditation from anywhere in the world

    1 Lessons in

    Join Jacqui Lewis live online and learnt the art of transcendence in meditation and build your daily meditation practice for life, 15-20 mins twice daily with ongoing support and knowledge.  Our mission is to help people make a progressive ongoing change for the better in their lives through a short, simple, daily meditation practice. We…
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  • The Be Your Best Self Program

    9 Lessons in $45.00

    A carefully curated program for you to begin the process of releasing yourself from being a prisoner of your thoughts and learn how to become a pioneer of your future. The Broad Place Be Your Best Self Program is designed to help you practically begin the journey of restoring your emotional balance and harmony by getting your mind…
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  • For Existing Students of Integrated Meditation (Your IamVault)

    15 Lessons in

    For The Broad Place Student who has sat the In-Person Integrated Meditation course. This is is your IamVault, you’ll find all of your bonus content here including POST COURSE NOTES! This is a self-paced program with loads of juicy material to work through as you please. Haven’t Learnt yet? Check out our Integrated Meditation Page…
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