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Palm Beach MacroVeda Retreat, May 2017!

The Broad Place founders, Jacqui Lewis and Arran Russell have curated this beautiful Retreat based on their own personal interests and life enhancing experiences through Japan and India. Present Moment Awareness and knowing oneself (Zen), alongside eating and living in harmony with nature (macrobiotics as philosophy) as well as Self Realisation and mind body alignment (Veda). This is all combined into a concept we call MacroVeda. The essence of this is to live in alignment with our higher selves, more in flow, and attuned to nature.

Note from Jacqui Lewis – “The emphasis on this Retreat is education for higher grade living. How do we as humans engage with our higher selves and allow our ego’s to quieten? A seed has been germinating in my mind, beginning with a question; can (or indeed should) meditation exist as a discreet practice, separate in definition and application from our other physical and pragmatic practices? The more I dwell on this question, the more I realise that I am living the answer; there is no point where meditation ends and the rest of my life begins.”

We will be teaching and sharing philosophy, techniques and experiences to aid students in their integrated lives. We incorporate meditation and personal development into highly engaged, tech driven, social media filled lives. Our focus will be how to do this with more grace.

We would love to offer the experience of learning Broad Place Meditation on the Retreat. This is a wonderful opportunity to full immerse yourself by learning the #1 tool we have to living a High Grade Life! Keep reading for more details!


NOTE: A non-refundable deposit of $2000 is required to secure your place, the remainder of the course fee will be direct debited 3 weeks prior on the 24th April!

After reserving your place you will be emailed a confirmation email with all the finer details!

If you have any questions about the Retreat please feel free to email us at info@thebroadplace.com.au

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